Unable to acquire two WD identifications to use my Philips DVP5990

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I have been attempting to acquire one of my two WD identifications to use my Philips DVP5990.

Also both are in FAT32 format ended with the FAT32 formatter on http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/

Moreover, I have 2 Philips DVD players. So, I make out that the problem is not in the player.

[Hard drive #1: Passport Essential 750GB Essential SE]

When it joins, it raises the display that's "supposed" to have all the folders of mine, but instead displays everything as "empty". 

[Hard drive #2: Passport Elite 500GB]

When it fixes, it powers on, but eventually, it shows with an error stating "device not supported".

I need a solution for this. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Unable to acquire two WD identifications to use my Philips DVP5990


I think the problem here is with your two [2] Western Digital external hard drives which may not be supported by your two [2] Philips DVD players.

Although most DVD players support inserting of USB flash drives but an external hard drive like your Western Digital drives is different from the usual USB flash drive.

The capacity of an ordinary USB flash drive is much smaller and recognized by the system as a single drive. Although an external hard drive is one physical drive visually, it is recognized as two [2] different drives.

The first is a virtual drive which contains the hard drive’s drivers for installing on a computer, and the second is the actual hard drive that contains all of your files.

The virtual drive it contains is a read-only drive where you can not copy anything to it and is only used as a container for its drivers.

Maybe this is the reason why your DVD players don’t support any of your mobile hard drives. You can work around it by copying the files you need from the Western Digital hard drives on to a USB flash drive and then connecting the USB flash drive to the DVD player.

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