Unable to Access All Users Profile

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I have a laptop with Ubuntu 11.04, a desktop computer with Windows XP and a notebook with Virtual book 4.1.2. I am trying to install the window programs and I got this error message 'could not access the network location %ALLUSERSPROFILE%/start menu/programs/administrative tools'. I have tried to fix this error but I always failed. I need help please.

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Unable to Access All Users Profile


While installing or upgrading windows software, sometimes this error generates. If there is any incorrect setting in the registry entry, this error is generated to the output devices.

Please note that, this registry file /key administrative tool help you only when you are trying to upgrade the Windows operating system. This error also may generate with the Norton Antivirus software. For solve this error do the following work:

a) Install the Windows operating software with Clean Install. Do not use the upgrade option while installing.

b) If you have Norton Antivirus software then use the’ fix it’ option to fix the error. If that does not work, then uninstall Norton & do the following:

1) Click on Start> click Run.

2) In the text box, type regedit. Press Enter.

3) Find the following key/info from the Registry Editor:

HKEY_LOCAL _MACHINE >SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>Current Version>Explorer>User Shell Folder.

4) From the right pane, Click Common Programs.

5) From ‘Edit String’ dialog box (Of the Value Data), remove the texts before the Start MenuPrograms line.

6) Type%ALLUSERSPROFILE% like the following:

“%ALLUSERSPROFILE %Start MenuPrograms”

7) Then click OK.

8) In case of message ‘value Common Administrative Tools’ is visible in the right side, start again from steps 4 to 7. The final data must be look like:

% ALLUSERSPROFILE %Start MenuProgram Administrative Tools.

9) Now, click the Edit Menu-Bar. Click the Find option.

10) Type/ Copy & paste the following text (all the O are actually 0):


11) Make sure that Values, Keys, & Data are marked/checked.

12) Click on the Find Next button.

13) Click & delete the 55EB66EFB74A75B4D9E26680831FE059 key.

14) Press F3 button to search the next key of the same number. If any other key found, then repeat the part 13 & 14 again.

15) Exit the Registry Editor.

16) Restart your PC and then install Norton.


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