Types and significance of Electronic datapath

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Computers have an electronic datapath via which data and instructions flows within and without a computer. List and discuss two such datapaths and how they relate to each other.

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Types and significance of Electronic datapath


Hi Alisha,

You are correct about the data paths, but the exact technical term used to refer to these paths is "Buses". The bus that carry data is called "Data Bus" and the one that carry instructions is referred to as "Address Bus". There is one other bus called "Control Bus" which controls the electrical signals in the form of pulses.

  • Data Bus carries the data between computer modules such as memory and ALU (Arithmetic logical Unit).
  • Address Bus carries the instructions between the ALU and Control Unit (we know it as CPU). These instructions are about what operation is to be performed on data.

Check out the following diagrams :-


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