Is turning JPG into Line Art impossible

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What I want to do, is use some pictures to create customized glasses, plates, bowls and other stuff like that.

I understood that I must turn my pictures, that are in .jpg format, to Line Art.

After searching online for a couple of hours, I haven't find any program to help me with this.

Can you tell me if turning JPG into Line Art is possible?

And what software would help me to do this.

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Is turning JPG into Line Art impossible


Hi Gary!

It's not impossible to convert a .JPG file into Line Art, that's why Photoshop exists! All you have to do is follow some simple steps.

First, open the photo you want in Photoshop and create a duplicate layer. Go to Image, Adjustment and Desaturate. Now your picture should be black and white. Go to Filter, Stylize, Fine Edges, and now you should obtain a pencil drawing effect.

Go back to Image, Adjustments and select Brightness/Contrast. Adjust them as you wish and then go to Filer, Sharpen, and select Sharpen More.

Now you have a line art image!

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