Try To Fix Samsung Range Error Code “E-0E” By Yourself.

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I have a Samsung FTQ387LWGX range oven which displayed an error after I pushed the clean steam button to clean the oven. The oven starts at first, gets heated up for few seconds and then beeps with a Samsung range error code “E-0E.”

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Try To Fix Samsung Range Error Code “E-0E” By Yourself.



“E-OE” implies that there is an issue in door locking. Follow the instructions below to analyze which part of the system is in error.

1. Disconnect the power supply. Then, open the back cover. Check the harness connections between the motor and the door lock switch.

2. Check the resistance of the door lock motor with an ohms meter. It should read approximately from 1750 to 1850 ohms, if measured at room temperature.

3. While you are operating the door lockout, remember to measure the voltage of the door lock motor. It should be around 120v.

4 Finally, check the lock switch with an ohms meter for normal operation.

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