Tweak softwares for Windows vista

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I was advised that to improve the speed and performance of one’s computer, one can make use of tweak software’s.

But so far, I have not managed to get any tweak software that will work for my Windows (Vista).

Does anyone have a clue of any and do they really help?

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Tweak softwares for Windows vista


Tweak software for Microsoft Windows Vista

There are so many available Tweak tools for Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7 today. But before we where going to give you links of these tools, I want to give you some information on how to speed-up your computer.

Computer speed does not tweak able. It is how you armed your computer hardware and how load them. If you have computer loaded with so many features, applications and services, your computer might run too slow. If your storage is almost full, that affects the speed of your computer because operating systems and software uses your hard disk drive as a temporary memory to speed-up processing. One more thing is to consider the speed and cache of your hard disk drive. There are drives that are to slow to read and write which has low cache memory.

Another thing to consider is your memory. Is it your memory enough to run your operating system and leaves slots for processing running applications? Running too many applications on the background makes your memory full which results slow to run.

You must also consider the applications running inside your computer. Is that application suitable for your hardware? For example, you want to run a high resolution game while you where just using a built-in video card where just sharing a memory from your RAM. This affects the performance of your computer.

Tuning up is the key for the performance of your computer.

By the way since you are looking for a Tweak tools for Microsoft Windows Vista, you may find it in Google just searching for the word “tweak UI for windows vista”. And for my favorite Tweak you may download it from here.


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Tweak softwares for Windows vista


Tweak software just shows the interface of hardware you are using on your PC and it is also used for different settings in our computer but i have never lessen that it is used to speed up the PC. Computer can only be speed up by applying some up gradation such as you can change your RAM or your Processor to make improve your computer speed and performance.

Also a good thing is to install a window vista 64 bit it will also boost your computer speed and will give good performance. It works as 64 bit memory element and it speeds up your processor. Once you have installed this window you will see that your computer start and shutdown speed is increased and its performance is also increased.

A other way to speed up your computer is to use the programs you require and delete some programs that are not relevant. Always run one or two programs at a time so that your physical memory remain free and it will in a result will increase your performance for programs.

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