Transferring website to CD – layout problem

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I have a website which i've spent a long time converting to static html format so it can be transferred and stored on a CD, only problem is that when loaded up on some computers, it appears as though the CSS stylesheet hasn't loaded at all some images are also missing and it appears as though some of the html code is missing also – but that could be because the stylesheet is absent.

i have tried compiling the whole thing into a program like ExeOutput but get the same resutl……

does anyone have any advice?


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Transferring website to CD – layout problem


Hi there,

I don’t understand what you asked for. Moving text or an object by positioning the mouse pointer on the item you want to move, pressing and holding the mouse button, moving the mouse, then releasing the mouse button to drop the object on its new location. What is this means?

Did you have problem to moving files or folders with mouse pointer? Then replace your mouse and buy a new one. Because when you use a mouse for a long time it creates problem like that.

Other condition is if you want to change option of mouse left and right click then go to control panel then mouse option. Now set it as you want.

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