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I want to make searching maps that can link a mobile application that I built (j2me) xml with Google maps that exist in the fire.

If I choose in the list of search "Orchid Garden Mall", the result could be an image map along with a marker (markers) that show the location of the location in question. Is there anyone can with Mobile GIS?
I'm working on the final task for the school which began tight deadlines. Just reference links I also very grateful.
Can I have one if you have an example source code.
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Ask about the Google Map API


For search and implementation of maps you need to have prior knowledge of placing the scrollbars buttons, the window functions, mouse pointer hovering etc. You also need to monitor and alter the data for the map continuously.

Hence, practice over onload functions, poly line functions from an xml file, AJAX controls etc are needed. To proceed with the above idea, first thing you must do is to implement various side control tools. Next you must exercise onload controls and insert several maps and its images from various articles. Thereafter, you must external links to control the behavior of your map and then load the relevant files from a plain text file.

Using GOverviewMap Control(), loading data from JSON files using AJAX technology and by sending the KML files to the relevant Google map search engine, you can fetch the data for relevant places accordingly.

All is left to do is to implement the data fetched in form of xml file, map article etc. into the j2me runtime environment. And then Bingo !!! your stuff gets going.


Viral Mehta

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