Transferring Photos Or Any Others From Our Mobile Phone To Pc

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How can we TRANSFER PHOTOS and folders from our daily usage mobile phoneto PC, if we are near or not near to our computers?

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Transferring Photos Or Any Others From Our Mobile Phone To Pc


There are various ways of transferring Photos & files from any mobile phone to any PC.

The methods are as follows:

Method 1:Bluetooth

This is the symbol of the Bluetooth device with which we could connect to any device and share photos and files. There are a few steps to be followed to TRANSFER PHOTOS/FILES through Bluetooth. 

Step 1: Activate the “BLUETOOTH.”

Step 2: Select the device with which you need to share/transfer Photos or files. (Then a pop-up comes asking whether to pair with the specified device or not) Step 3: Click on the pair button.

Step 4: Once the is device paired with the PC then you can transfer Photos/Files etc. Once the device is paired you will see something like this:

Method 2: USB Connection

“USB” stands for Universal Serial Bus. With the Help of USB, we can Transfer and Share Photos/Files In a much faster way. Has the USB is a wired connection between the PC and the mobile phone the Photos/Files transfer will complete in very less time. There a few steps to be followed to transfer the files using the USB. 

Step 1: Connect the USB wire to PC and the mobile phone. (Once we have connected the USB to the PC we see a Pop-up as shown in fig below)

Step 2: Click on the Pop-up “Connected as a media device”.

Step 3: We need to select the type of the Transfer we need.

Step 4: By opting the “Media Device (MTP)”. We can select Photos/Files and transfer them.

Method 3: Sync If our mobile phone is associated with our PC, we can “Sync” the photos to our PC and Transfer Photos/Files through PC.

There are a few steps to followed:

Step 1: Connect the computer and mobile phone to sync.

Step 2: Choose the Photos/Files to be synced.

Step 3: activate Sync

Step 4: Select which type of sync we want to use to Transfer Photos/Files.

Once we select the Type of Transfer, we can Sync and Transfer Photos/Files. There are many other Methods also

Method 4: Drop-box

Method 5: Memory card transfer

Method 6: File sharing apps such has: Share it, Xander, Super-beam etc.

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