Why is there Error running PageMaker 6.5?

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When I start PageMaker 6.5 the system shows the following message. Unable to load icon.dll and gives the page fault error. But if I start the system in safe mode, the program works fine. How can I resolve this?

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Why is there Error running PageMaker 6.5?


Hey Maya!

This error occurs when Adobe PageMaker can’t operate the system’s font information. It generally happens when font files or directory, registry entry, or volume on which fonts or registry entries are located and which has become damaged.

The damage may cause when install TrueType fonts with a third-party font-management or installation utility such as Corel’s Font Master.

 Here I give some tips to get PageMaker to launch.

  1. Reinstall fonts originally installed by a third-party utility
  2. Remove and reinstall PageMaker’s .fon files.
  3. Reduce the number of TrueType fonts in your Fonts folder.
  4. Pinpoint damaged fonts by process of elimination.


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