Trace ping connection computer I.P.

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Aside from trace routing or ping, how can I possibly check my connection from my computer to a certain website or I.P.


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Trace ping connection computer I.P.


There are several ways of checking your computer’s internet connection.

The ping tool lets you test your computer’s connectivity to a specified IP address or if you don’t know the IP address you can set your ping directly to the website site’s address, like for example:

  1. ping, or
  2. ping

To start using the ping tool:

  1. Click Start then Run.
  2. Type cmd then press Enter. The command prompt will open. Type ping < IP address or domain address > then hit Enter. You will receive a somewhat similar reply like in the image below.

You can also test your internet connection by opening your computer’s web browser. Usually, after installing a web browser on the computer it automatically sets its default home page and every time you open the web browser that default home page will automatically open and will then test if your computer has an active internet connection.

There are also web browsers that automatically checks or detects your current internet speed while in a web site like for example the Opera browser which will inform you if your current internet speed is slow.

You can also test your connection speed by visiting here.

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