Touch pad doesn’t work with Lenovo ThinkPad W540

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My touch pad doesn't work properly. Every time I sketch and or draw line it will not show up right away in the screen. It will take 2-3 seconds before it reacts. I want to know how dependable this is when it comes to pressure, how the pressure is measured for this device? What is the heaviest and most by accidental pressure that can only be handled by this device. Can i also use this device to be a part of system that will recognize signatures? Can you give me detailed information on how we are going to integrate this peripheral with any programming languages?

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Touch pad doesn’t work with Lenovo ThinkPad W540


Hello Joseph!

I am little confused with your questions. Let me just clarify that you’re just using the touch of your Lenovo laptop, right? There are few things that you just need to adjust here. First the mouse behavior. Follow the steps below.

1.   Go to Start menu >> Control Panel >> Mouse.

2.   Under Buttons tab, make it sure that the double-click speed is 1-line pass the midway.

3.   Under Pointer options, set the Motion speed to 50% or by just sliding the throttle in the middle of the option. Click the Enhance pointer precision.

4.   Close the window and try it again.

Go to Advanced screen and select the Advanced tab and select Smart Check tab. Set the gestures and tap behavior according to your preferences. You can also change the behavior of the pad while your finger goes over the pad. The hardest part of laptop is the keyboard. This also includes the touchpad. Pressure resistance metering are all patented and not disclosed by any manufacturer. The touchpad is not designed as a pen tablet. I would suggest buying a pen tablet will give you better results in designing a system that will recognize signatures. Also a software or middleware that will translate picture of the signature to be interpreted to recognize if the signature is authentic and from the exact person.

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