How to determine my Computer Drivers

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I have a laptop that was bought few months ago. Included with it is a windows 7 starter installer as part of the package. Free installation of the OS is also a part of their service. After a few months my computer was devastated with viruses and starting to run so slow. I decided to install a fresh OS for my laptop. The problem is that the driver is not included on the package, I just don’t know if they just forget to include the driver or it was not part of the package.

I bought my laptop far away from our town. I need to travel for about 4 hours just to make it there. I really need to reformat my laptop. I do have an internet connection, maybe I can find the driver through the net. All I need to know is how to determine what are the drivers needed for my laptop. My laptop model is Presario CQ41, just tell me if you need more info regarding my Laptop.

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How to determine my Computer Drivers


This is a very common problem. It can be solved by the following procedures.

  • This option is not valid for you, but its better to go the person from whom you bought the lap and ask him about the hardware in your laptop and get the drivers from him or download it from internet.
  • Since you can’t follow the 1st option, you have to follow this step, and its more suitable for you as you have an internet connection. Go to this website,

Choose your laptop model here, then choose your windows type (32/64 bit) and language on the next page and then select the driver you need (audio/graphics etc). Download it and install it.

  • If this doesn’t work, then you have to use some software that will detect the type of hardware you have in your laptop and then download the driver for it accordingly from internet.

I hope this solves your problem.

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How to determine my Computer Drivers


You can bought a DVD/CD of drivers which contains all the necessary drivers for windows if you are installing window 7 then it may be possible that the drivers are automatically installed on you PC but in case they do not install then you can use a CD for drivers to install them a major CD for all drivers contain all the drivers which are required for system but in case these drivers are not suitable for your device then you need to go to shop from where you buy it but if you can access a network then it will be easy to install drivers from there.

Also you can use driver searching programs to see what kind of driver your laptop requires and it also install them form network but net work is also required for this purpose.

But if you got it in a CD then this is the best solution for your problem. One such program i know about is driver utilities and it is available on the following link.

But if you find one such program in CD then you can also install and check your drivers and i hope your requirement for drivers will be solved.

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