Toshiba Laptop Graphics card isn’t recognized.

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Hi All,

Just had a HDD die on me, so bought a new one, installed it and all works fine except my laptop isn't recognizing my Graphics card. Keeps telling me its a VGA.

The problem is before my old HDD died, I didn't write down what model my GFX was. I know its a Mobility HD 5xxx something, but that's all I remember. Have tried downloading different drivers, Intel doesn't recognize it, which makes me think its AMD.

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L650 OFN.

Any help would be appreciated and apologies if i have put it in the wrong section.

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Toshiba Laptop Graphics card isn’t recognized.



This can be locked, solution found. Download:
Plus the latest DirectX
The computer is working fine now.
Thank you for your time.
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Toshiba Laptop Graphics card isn’t recognized.


Obviously, if your previous hard drive got really broken and you just bought a new one, you are going back to scratch in setting up your system again. You need to format your new hard drive before actually using it. For your data files to be much safer, in case your system went down again, you need to divide your hard drive into 2 partitions. The first partition, drive C, is the system drive where Windows will be installed. The second partition, drive D, is for all of your data files. In case you encountered another problem with your system and you need to format the computer again, you only need to format drive C because it is where the operating system is installed and the only drive that needs fixing and the problem doesn’t concern drive D. This way, you can maintain a safer container for your files.

Regarding your problem with your laptop’s graphics card, try looking in your laptop’s box, its receipt, its manual, and other documents that comes with your machine for your computer’s website. Or, just visit Just explore the site until you find the video card’s driver for your laptop’s model.

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