Top ten best browsers for gamers

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Hi! I'm an avid gamer, but I just started playing browser-based games just a month ago. I thought I'll never try this one until my friend introduced me to RuneScape. Other people think this game sucks, but my friend and I really enjoy this one. Maybe there are a lot of better games than RuneScape, that's why others don't like it. So, I'm asking you this question. What do you think are the top ten best browsers for gamers? I would really appreciate different opinions, so that I can have several choices.

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Top ten best browsers for gamers



Most of all, Mozilla Firefox is at top level, then Internet Explorer V10 and above, then Google Chrome, the Safari. It must be noted that flash must be enabled to play games.

My friend and his children always use to play heavy and vast number of online games and I troubleshoot their systems problems. They use Firefox browsers with flash feature enabled. There is no any error or problem seemed to occurred.

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Top ten best browsers for gamers


Hello Jelma Demo

I would like to inform some of the top 10 ranked browser where you can play your favourite games.

1. Google Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox

3. Internet Explorer 10

4. Opera 

5. Safari 6

6. Maxthon

7. Rockmelt

8. SeaMonkey

9. DeepNet

10. Avent

Every browser have some special features. So depending on type of games you are playing, you have to choose from the list . Moreover, you may need to add some add ons/ extension for playing any games.

Hope this would help

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