Tizen OS VS Android VS iOS

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Tizen OS VS Android VS iOS

Which is the best and which could be the best in the future

What are some of the devices each OS is installed on?

I would like to have more info on Tizen


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Tizen OS VS Android VS iOS


Hi Ionazky,

The Tizen OS is more preferable over Android and iOS for the future use.
The advantages of Tizen OS over Android and iOS are as follows:
1) It is an open source Operating system
2) It is compatible with multiple mobiles platform and can be launched with OS like iOS and Android
3) It has extensive personalization capabilities
4) It supports ARM x 86 processors

The features of Tizen are as mentioned below:
1) It is a Linux based operating system
2) It provides application development tools based on JavaScript libraries jQuery and jQuery mobile
3) The software development kit allows developers to use HTML 5 for web development
4) The HTML 5 applications run on Tizen, Firefox OS, web OS, Ubuntu Touch without a browser
5) The applications based on Qt, GTK+ and ETL frameworks run on Tizen IVI
6) The Tizen IVI OS in PC compatible

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