Tips to give professional look to website and improve GUI

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I am a novice web developer. I write codes in JSP and add CSS to format my webpage. But when I see other websites, their User Interface is very different and advance. Can anyone tell me, how can I improve User Interface of my website, so that it will have a professional look?

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Tips to give professional look to website and improve GUI


Professional looking websites visually speaks volumes about the site. It is clear that you use the best and proven scripting for web design.

Websites created should be with precise or in other words, clear and as simple as possible.

 A few things to keep in mind during designing are

1. Analyzing and understanding the content or requirement for the site clearly

2. Interface design should be as simple as possible.

3. Movement within the site should be easy, there should not be any imaginary means to navigate through the menus.

4. Website layout design is a point to be kept in mind do that with high quality softwares like photoshop if at all you are going to design your own.

5. All images and videos you use within the site should be scalable to suit all and any device.

6. CMS softwares/ plugins are ample in the market to choose something that suits your business needs better and utilize.

You can find many detailed lectures or slides from the following sites

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