Time Limited trial version with 3650000 days left

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Hello all.

I wish if anyone has any advice please. We use InstallSheild 2008 Professional, a fully licensed version, working great on a single PC for the last 2 years. But at the last time of the end of 2010. I am getting an error message saying that the software was a “Time Limited” Trial version with 3650000 days left. See screen dump:

InstallSheild 2008 Professional

This wasn't a major issue to start with InstallSheild after clicking OK, but since we've entered into the New Year the error message is same but InstallShield no longer responses. I've tested for solution on this forum and others and don’t find any similar problems. I've also tested the repair the install procedure using the original install files, but that stumped with a message about don’t find 'isuiservices_libfnp.dll' file from the data.cab file. Again I failed to find any posts same as this issue either.

I've also clicked the following 'OWN' link displays on the splash screen, but I won’t responds and advising that already our serial number is recognized and registered and won't allow me to continue. That’s why the software doesn’t want to run and won't allow me to repair. I assume to make a full uninstall to start again maybe needed, just checking the last tricks.

My PC OS is Windows XP.

I need a wisdom help and would be gratefully received.

Thanks for help.

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Time Limited trial version with 3650000 days left



You purchased unrestricted trial licensed version of InstallSheild 2008 Professional, it is not genuine why you are experiencing this kind of error message about the product software.

To own the InstallSheild 2008 Professional for a lifetime purchase a genuine copy of it. InstallSheild2 008 Professional software in your system was expired as well as your serial number. Even you try to have a full uninstall to start again it will appear the same error message.

Best regards,

Heather marie

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