Throws an error on key: thumbnail.png

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Hi guys, while I was at home using safari to browse the internet and when I log in to the site, my browser generated an error message that I don't understand. Please see below the error message I pasted.

throws an error on key: thumbnail.png

[Edit-attribute] throws an error on key: thumbnail.png

[Edit-attribute] {

           Node: thumbnail.png,

           Attribute: vfs:content,

           Type: 132


As I analyzed on the error, its look like a script or somewhat a code. I have never seen an error like this before and I am wondering what might be the cause of this error, my browser or its just the site.

Please help me quantify where to look for the cause and the solution to this error message.

Thanks guys.

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Throws an error on key: thumbnail.png


Dear Mikeallway

First of all, said error message is not due to your Safari internet browser. This error message “ [edit-attribute] throws an error on key: thumbnail.png.

[Edit-attribute] {node: thumbnail.png, attribute: vfs:content, type: 132}” relates to This is called object reference error and this error appears when server of gets down or have some crash issues.

So you just wait for some time and after try to login again at If the server has been working fine, you get a login otherwise same error will appear.

If this error persists, you can touch with support for permanently resolving that issue.

Take Care


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Throws an error on key: thumbnail.png


That is obviously an error but it is not from your browser or it is not generated or triggered by your web browser. That error is from the website itself, “,” and appears to be from a script running on the website. One possible cause is that your browser doesn’t support the format of the script that’s why it cannot render the page on the screen.

Try updating your Safari browser and see if it works. If this doesn’t work and you need to access that website, try using a different browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera. All three web browsers support OS X if you are using a Macintosh computer. For Chrome, download the latest Google Chrome for Mac. For Firefox, download the latest Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Click on “Advanced install options & other platforms” to download the version for OS X. For the Opera browser, download the latest Opera for Mac. This should fix the problem.

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