Is there a way to secure our browser?

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We always do web browsing everyday and we need to accept the fact that the net is a wide source of computer threats.

What are the things that I need to do to make sure that my browser is secured and it can easily detect threats while browsing? please help me solve this.

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Is there a way to secure our browser?


This is dependent on what you use for internet browsing.

Assuming the most well known browser Mozilla Firefox I can add some tips.

  • In the Cookie section, select ask me every time. This will help make it clear when a web site is attempting to set a cookie.
  • Under the Content, there is an option to set your Java to Enable it. Java is a language that allows the website designers to create and launch such applications on your PC. We recommend disabling this feature unless required by the trusted site you wish to visit. Again, you should determine if this site is trustworthy and whether you want to enable Java to view the site’s content. After you are finished visiting the site, we recommend disabling Java until needed again.
  • The Content section has an option to modify actions taken when files are downloaded. Any time a file type is configured to automatically open with an associated application, this can make the browser more dangerous to use. Vulnerabilities in these associated applications can be exploited more easily when they are configured to automatically open. Click the Manage button to view the current download settings and modify them if necessary.

I think these will help you.

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Is there a way to secure our browser?


Here are some configurations that you can do with your browser to keep it secure.

For Internet Explorer:

  • Go to Tools Menu
  • Click on Internet Options. It will open a new window, click on Security Tab. Under the Security level for this zone, set the slider to High. To control specific security options, click on the Custom Level button.
  • Click on the Trusted Sites icon, the green checkmark. You can click the sites button to add websites that you trust. This will eliminate being redirected to phishing sites. For the Security level for this zone setting, it is recommended to set it to Medium-High or Medium else you might have problems accessing other websites.


  • Go to Privacy tab. Click the Advanced button, on the next screen, put a check on Override automatic cookie handling and select prompt under First-party Cookies  and Third-party Cookies and lastly put a check on Always allow session cookies.


  • Now go to Advanced tab. Under Browsing category look for Enable third-party browser extensions and uncheck it. This will not allow browser extensions that might gather information from your browsing activities.


  • Still under Advanced tab scroll down and look for International category, look for Always show encoded address and put a check on it. Then look for Multimedia Category and make sure Play sounds in webpages box is unchecked.



For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Click on Tools Menu on the upper-right hand side of your Mozilla Firefox window. Click on Options and it will open a new window.


  • Under the Main Section, select Always ask me where to save files, this will help you know if a certain webpage is trying to save a file on your computer.


  • Go to Privacy Section. Uncheck Remember what I enter in the forms and the search bar. This is necessary especially if there are a lot of people using the computer. Under the Cookies section set it to ask me every time.


  • Go to Security Section. Check “Warn me when sites try to install add-ons”. If you are saving your passwords on your browser it is recommended that you check “Use a master password”


  • Go to Content Section. Uncheck “Enable Java”.


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Is there a way to secure our browser?


Thank you for asking that Calvin Hoffman and I hope I can help. There are many ways to secure your web browser.

One way to secure your browser is you must install an antivirus software.

I recommend you to use McAfee it is one of the best antivirus software that very secure and safe.

It protects your computer from viruses and threats. I am using this antivirus right now, and it performs will for me.

I hope this will help you.

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