There was a problem processing game logic

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Today when launched Steam for Counter Strike this warning message appeared. I don’t know what it means since it worked fine until today, is for the first time when I have this kind of error. I have made some searched on the internet about this error and nothing useful found. Can anyone help me to solve this error ? What happened with my game and why I have this kind of error ?

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Lost Connection To Server

There was a problem processing game logic.

Please try again.


[ui] the index ‘scote_6x’ does not exist

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There was a problem processing game logic


If you are playing Counter Strike online and your connection gets lost, you will surely get this error because the program can no longer access the files which are supposedly located on the server because of the connection interruption. Since it is Counter Strike you are playing, you can no longer go back to your current game because of the problem.

In case the connection is restored, your game is already lost and you need to join the server again to resume playing. There are different servers you can choose to join. To fix the problem, close the game and then check the network cable at the back of your CPU. Unplug the network cable from the port and then plug it in again.

Open your web browser and then visit any website or try visiting Steam instead. When playing Counter Strike online, it is a necessity to have a fast connection because if you don’t you will always be hit and die and the game will obviously be slow. To check how fast your connection is, visit YouTube and play a video for a few seconds.

Another way of checking your speed is to visit You can go back playing once you have a good speed. If you still can’t connect but you have a good connection, restart your computer and then try again. Another possible cause for being unable to connect is the number of users trying to connect to the server at the same time. Sometimes when the server is full your connection gets refused.

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