Is there an online database creator?

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Hi all,

Is there an online database creator?

There are some application of database such as Oracle, mysql server and MS Access database that needs to be installed in the computer. But I am just wondering if there are some database online?

What is the difference between online and offline database?

Thanks and have a nice day.


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Is there an online database creator?



Yes, there are some online database creators. An Online database can be accessed from a web through a web browser.

It is different from any offline database held in an individual computer. Offline database is the real working database.

The online database resides on the server. Click the link to choose your online database creator

I hope I have helped you.


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Is there an online database creator?



Many online database creators were available for free. Few of them were listed below:

1. Zoho Creator

2. Grubba

3. Myowndb

4. Lazybase

5. Dabble DB

6. MyTaskHelper

7. Caspio and so on.

The difference between Online & Offline databases is the Online database is the one which was taken at the time, the database is running in the ARCHIVELOG mode, as compare to Offline database, archive mode is not at all required. All data files, all control files and all online redo log files can be backed-up during Offline Database.

But in case of Online database, all data files, all archived redo log files and one control file via an alter database command can be backed-up.


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Is there an online database creator?


Hi Jeremy,

In the answer of your question I'd like to say, "Yes There are quite a few Free Online database creators.

The Database creators include Zoho Creator, Lazybase and Most Important of all is Google Drive.

I am giving a short overview of each one for you.

Zoho Creator:


This is Zoho Creator which lets you create your database online. It has a small form builder and a scripting feature which is suitable for simple web based applications and it cannot replace a true database though.

It can be useful for creating web based forms without hiring a programmer.


It is a simple web based database which can be useful to keep track of personal things like movie collections online.

Google Drive


Google drive is an excellent system that keeps all your data in one place and is online based. It saves data as you enter it and is hassle free. You can log into it using your Gmail ID and create whichever data field is needed for you. You can protect it using passwords as well.

Online database does not require any software to be installed and offline database requires it. Online database is relatively simple but offline data is a complex one and has degrees of work fields. Except Google drive almost every online database is very simple to work with (I mean they perform simple functions) Offline database can be used for complex functions and calculations.

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Is there an online database creator?


Hi Jeremy,

I have listed the four main ones in the market below. Unfortunately the best choice will depend on what you are trying to achieve. I would suggest contacting them all and see which one helps you better.

Caspio (

Trackvia (

HyperBase (

Zoho (

Good Luck



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