Links for Tutorials on SQL Web Services

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Hello expert, My friend is newly joined to study about software engineering. So, he would like to learn some things on SQL tutorial. Can you give me some web services SQL example to help him?

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Links for Tutorials on SQL Web Services




If SQL is a new topic to your friend, then he/she should first know that a database has several tables, each table has several columns, each column represents a certain type of data, there are relations among different tables. He/she should also know the 4 basic SQL concepts; select, insert, update, and delete.
Having said all that, here is a link to a basic tutorial:
Once he/she is familiar with the SQL basic concepts, then studying relational algebra would greatly help on mastering advanced SQL statements. After that comes the idea of writing stored procedures maintained by any database server. For more information on that, here is a very good site which is quite resourceful.
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