TF2 Server says Unknown entry type EFV

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I made an update to TF2 Server and now every time I want to launch it I have this error with Engine Error and I can’t run anything. Can anyone help me with my server ? Please tell me how fix this and if are any problems with update tell me how to uninstall the updates without losing the server.

Thank you !

Engine Error

CResponseSystem::LoadFromBuffer: Unknown entry type ‘EFV, expecting ‘response’, ‘criterion’, ‘enumeration’ or ‘rules’ in file scripts/talker/response_rules.txt(offset:3)


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TF2 Server says Unknown entry type EFV


This problem doesn’t only happen on computers running the server for Team Fortress 2 but with other users as well that are only playing and connecting to the Team Fortress 2 server. I’m not sure if this method will work on you but its worth to try since it obviously worked on those users who are actually running their own Team Fortress 2 dedicated servers.

It seems that the error is caused by the actual “tf.txt” file itself which is actually the text file used in the server. Though I haven’t seen the actual content of the “tf.txt” file but deleting the very last line in the text file actually fixes the problem. The error is caused by something called “Demoman” and “emoman” which seems to be located at the end of the file.

Open Windows Explorer and find the file “tf.txt”. Open it with Notepad and scroll down until you reach the last line of the file. The last line of the text file should look something like this:

criteria ConceptFireWeapon IsDemoman
Response PlayerExpressionAttackDemoman

Change the last line of the file to something like this and it should fix the problem with the server.

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