Text points to autocad to points in civil 3D

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Text points to AutoCAD to points in civil 3D. DNG file is converted to the AutoCAD format. But everything is in text format. I need to convert these text elevations in AutoCAD to points in civil 3D to create the surface and calculate the volume. How to do it? Now, I have to create points manually and it is very large area, with more than 200 000 points. It will take few weeks to finish. Is there any easier methods available to convert this text to civil 3D points?

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Text points to autocad to points in civil 3D



Don’t know if your text has the correct elevation. If it is not correct then select Modifyribbon > Grounddata Tab > Surface. Then select “MoveTextToElevation” from dropdown Surface Tools.

You need to select your 2D-text then they will become a z-value equal to the text value. You want to use this elevation in the surface, you will add “Drawing object” > object type “text”. After that a surface will create from z-value of your text. I think this isn’t necessary to convert the text to points but if you want to do it use the workspace “planning and analysis” to do this use the map functionality.

Hope this will help.

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