Nvidia or Ati Radeon graphic card

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What is a better choice for gaming Nvidia graphic card or Ati Radeon? I want to buy Nvidia GTS450 for gaming is that a good idea? If you know a better graphic card please tell me about it?

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Nvidia or Ati Radeon graphic card


HI Skinny,

Both of graphic cards are good performer, but it will really depend on their benchmark enactment
Nvidia GTS 450 is a decent graphic card for gaming up to the resolution of 1680×1050 and with 1920×1080 resolutions we have experienced low qualities of the display. You can get the ATI Radeon 5770 which is also a good graphic card in the same price band.

But I feel Radeon 5770 is a little bit faster than Nvidia GTS 450. GTX 460 graphic card is also a good option, which is really good performer. If you really want much better gaming experience I recommend GTX 460 but its not a cheaper one than Nvidia GTS 450

Nvidia GTX 460 is more of a conventional card, whereas Nvidia GTS 450 is affordable for a good graphic performance, while Nvidia GTX 470 cards are better and are more supporter level cards. If you want an economical graphic that can perform better for gaming, then choose GTS 450. I endorse the cheapest GTX 460 (especially 768MB version GeForce GTX 460) as it accomplishes 30% – 40% quicker than GTS 450.

If you want to match both of them when it comes in benchmarking, you can visit this site:

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Nvidia or Ati Radeon graphic card

These two brands of graphics processing units are actually great at what they do. For one to be able to say that one graphics card is better than the other requires one to have all the benchmarks and all technical information related to the cards. Otherwise, it's really more of a personal choice. Newer cards released by these companies should be able to handle games, most discrete graphics cards are actually made to help out with the gaming experience. Therefore, the GTS 450 should be able to handle games. It will only become limited if it can't handle the game, perhaps the game would be too demanding. Consider the graphics card's specifications and compare them. You can get help with the data from here:
Consider your budget as well. Once you have these considerations, pick the best graphics card for your money.

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