The terminal server Logon Message Error.

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I am on Windows 7 and I got the error picture shown below when accessing a server. This is the first time an connecting to the server so I do not know what number of connections was set. However I wish to know how to solve this problem with a clear step by step simply process.

Error message:

The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections

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The terminal server Logon Message Error.


When working with Windows Server & linking to a server through Remote Desktop, one might stumble upon the error message. For resolving the problem follow the following the steps”

To join to the Terminal Server in spite of the limited connections, we can do to connect to the server with the /admin switch. To do this, at first launch mstsc as follows:

mstsc /v:n.n.n.n /admin

Replace n.n.n.n through the IP of the server & you’re good to go. Once linked to the server, use Task Manager to exit the sessions that are no longer used. The point out screenshot shows that there is one connection that has no present connections & can be logged off:

To do this, go to the session you want to disconnect (in my case that is the session with the ID 3) & click “Logoff”.

Note that this will successfully log off the session, then closes all windows which are still open in that session.


After finishing these steps, log your current session off, you can reconnect to the server besides using the /admin switch.

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