Freeware software CPU-Z Installation procedure and usage

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Dear Friends,

I would like to know about the freeware software CPU-Z, which displays all the hardware related details about the PC including details of CPU, Mainboard, Memory and System.

Please do let me know about where to download the same along with it's Installation procedure and usage.


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Freeware software CPU-Z Installation procedure and usage



CPU-Z is a freeware tool meaning that it is downloadable for free. It that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system and can gather lots of different information from various different sources such as CPU's, memory, Mainboards and system. 

It does not require to be installed. Just unzip the files in a directory and execute the .exe. To remove the program, just delete the files.

You can download it on this site CPU-Z

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Freeware software CPU-Z Installation procedure and usage


CPU-Z is one of the free programs that collect different information about your system. Some of the information include:

  • CPU

    • Its name and number.
    • Process and core stepping.
    • Core voltage and package.
    • Clock multiplier including the internal and external clocks.
    • The instruction sets supported as well as the cache information.
  • Mainboard

    • The sensor and chipset like for example northbridge or southbridge.
    • The vendor, the revision, and the model.
    • The BIOS date and model.
    • The graphic interface or the integrated video card.
  • Memory

    • Its frequency and timings including the module specification by means of Serial Presence Detect or SPD which will report the serial number, the vendor, and the timings table.
  • System

    • Reports the DirectX and Windows version.

It displays a remarkable data sheet of a computer’s operations and functions. The application is normally like a report or like reading a report that contains very rich information. The interface of the program displays seven tabs and this catalogs everything in the computer from the motherboard’s chipset down to the clock’s details. If you wish to know the information behind your machine, you can download your copy from CPU-Z. Watch “How to use CPU-Z to get all the details about your PC | video tutorial by TechyV” to know more about it.


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