Temporary files cannot be deleted and can harm pc

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Hi There!

I read many forums about my PC troubleshooting. So I know that, ‘temporary files’ and ‘prefetch’ file are need to be cleaned everyday. In past days I can delete those temporary files.


But I cannot delete these types of temporary files. Like hidden system files it cannot be deleted.

I use command prompt option to delete all temp files.

 Please give me a solution for delete those files.

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Temporary files cannot be deleted and can harm pc

  • Good day! It's great that you are making it a habit to delete those files regularly, as it keeps your computer bug-free. Yet, it sounds like you are having some problem with deleting your temporary files using the command prompt. Here's another way for you to delete your temporary files.
  • You can manually delete your temporary files by:
  • Going to start > Run > type in %Temp% > click on OK
  • A window of files would open > All of these folders in this window are your temporary files which are no longer used by your system and can be safely removed.
  • To delete this files one by one. Press the CTRL key while you are left clicking on the folders you need to delete. Then release when you are finished. > Click on delete to delete the highlighted items
  • Confirm that you are deleting these files by hitting on YES
  • If you want to delete everything in this folder all together. Just choose Edit at the top of your temp folder and then click on select all > then you will see everything is highlighted > Just hit on delete


Note: You will receive a pop up that will tell you that there are hidden files in this folder. Just click on YES. These are just hanging files that are kept on your temp files that need to be removed.


  • After you finish deleting the files, you can empty your recycle bin to permanently remove the files.
  • You may receive an error deleting file while you are doing this process. You could just close the programs because this may just be a conflict created by the programs running at the same time and just repeat the steps above or try rebooting your computer.

Hope this helped you out.

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Temporary files cannot be deleted and can harm pc


Hello James.

I know just the application that you need.  There is this application called Ccleaner (http://www.piriform.com/CCLEANER) which I personally use.  It cleans all the files that you said you manually remove from your computer and more.  For browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome it can delete temporary files, browsing history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, and saved passwords.  It can also empty the Windows recycle bin, recent documents, run history, temporary files, log files and other unnecessary files.  It gets frequent updates to support more applications.

You can see the screenshots to get an idea of how it works.


It even has a registry cleaning function so you can have your system running optimally.

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Temporary files cannot be deleted and can harm pc



I tried using your method and I can now delete my Temp files and keep my cache at a minimum. I can now clean my system very easily using the Ccleaner. Thanks for helping me out brother. It is very handy especially on Tablet PC. I can now clean any unnecessary temporary files and keep my tracks clean. Good thing you answered my question on this fantastic site. Thanks again and also thanks techyv!

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