Telpad=Wired Landline+ Android Tablet: A smart creation

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PLDT Philippines have launched Telpad that doesn’t only do ordinary telephone line but user can browse internet but also play multimedia and entertainment files The Internet connection of the tablet can be use at a distance of 7- 8 meters away from the WIFI route but what if the house is big does it required 2 or more PLDT Telpad or additional Wifi router in the house? And what could be enhanced more on its features?

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Telpad=Wired Landline+ Android Tablet: A smart creation


Hello Otis.

It is not just the size of the house that will be a problem with any wireless device.  Most often it's obstacles and sources of signal noise that affect the range of your wireless router.  If wireless range is your problem, there's no need to purchase another TelPad.  All you need to do is improve the range of your current router with these tips:

1.  Place your router in a central location.  If you have a two-storey house, it is best to place it somewhere in the middle, away from walls and away from metal structures such as steel cabinets or refrigerators.

2.  Replace the router antenna with a more powerful one.  These can usually be bought in computer stores.

3.  If an antenna replacement isn't effective for you, get a wifi range extender or another router that you can set up as a wireless repeater.

I heard that the android tablet is not very good.  As a feature improvement, I hope they would replace it with a better unit.

Hope this helps!

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