Technology regarding cleaning of harddrive

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What do you mean by drive scrubber?

For what purpose it is used and give its uses?

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Technology regarding cleaning of harddrive


Hi friend,

Even you reformat or delete your files, documents, username and password, it still exists. So you need a driver scrubber.

Driver Srubber also known as Hard drive Scrubber. This software permanently deletes documents, files, pictures, other installed software, application program, username and even passwords without affecting your operating system intact.

Even if your hard drives is damaged or infected by a virus, the drive scrubber can restore or bring it back to its previous status that it would be like a  new hard drive or in other words, your hard drive are as good as new.

This also prevents and protects your personal information from being access by those intruders. It also has a customizable tool that helps you adjust the levels of deleting procedures to ultra secure electron microscopy and magnetic field residue reduction shields. This helps you to have an overall control to your level of security.

This software also use to maintain an ultra secure computing environment and also use for transferring a system that has working programs without tracing of any personal information. This software also works into different operating system including Windows 95, 98, 3.x, NT, XP, 2000, Vista, Linux, Unix and even Mac OS.

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Technology regarding cleaning of harddrive


The drive scrubber that you are referring to is very similar to McAfee Shredder and Norton SystemWorks Wipe Info which permanently deletes files and folders on your hard drive removing the possibility of recovering them in the future.

This is best used if you want to wipe clean your computer from very sensitive information that might harm you if somebody accidentally gets accessed to it. This is different from simply formatting the hard drive either you do a quick format or a full format to clear all the contents of the hard drive.

Because even if you format a hard drive, the data it previously contains are still there and can easily be recovered simply by using a recovery tool like partition recovery applications. The same goes with deleting files and folders and emptying the recycle bin.

Even if you empty your recycle bin after deleting some files, it is still very possible to recover them also by using some recovery software. But if you delete a file or a folder using McAfee Shredder, Norton SystemWorks Wipe Info, or any other drive scrubbing applications, the files and folders are permanently wiped out of your hard drive and can no longer be recovered after that.

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