Technologies Used In Building A Modern Web-page

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What are the technologies used in building a modern web-page?

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Technologies Used In Building A Modern Web-page


Times are gone when we had static web pages and websites which were just meant to display the content in a structured form. Nowadays websites are not only dynamic in their look and feel but they are also able to do much more like:-

  • Interact with the user for input of data, process it and give output.
  • Stream audio and video online.
  • Play games
  • Process charts and graphs.
    And what not.

To make possible all of the above things, the following technologies are used:-

  • HTML5 – It is used to structure the whole look and working of the web-page.
  • CSS3 – It is used to style the web-page and its component.
  • JavaScript – It is used to add functionality to the website. It is used to get input, process data and also interact with the user.

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