Task Manager is showing wrong information.

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I have Windows 7 on my PC and my PC is powered by a Intel Core 2 Quad CPU clocked at 3.0 Ghz. My problem is that task manager isn't showing me the right information. My CPU has four cores but only two cores are shown on the task manager. How can I fix this problem?

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Task Manager is showing wrong information.

May be there is a problem with your task manager. 
There are some other ways to check system processor: 
1) Right click on 'Computer'
Open 'Properties'
Then 'Device Manager'
And see the exact number of processors by selecting 'processor' for the list
2) Open 'Start Menu' 
Type 'msconfig' and hit enter
Open 'Boot' and go into 'Advance Option'
And check the number of processors there.
Check your BIOS setting and make sure there aren't any cores disabled. 

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