System will not boot after power cut

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I have a system with DATA on it from a friends’ business and it does not boot. I have tried to install new memory and put a new GPU but it still will not boot. Checking the PSU with a tester shows positive results. I have to completely drain the systems’ power when it boots and get one boot cycle before it shuts down. There was a power cut last week and I think it has something to do with it. If anyone can help, I would appreciate to be able to retrieve the DATA.

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System will not boot after power cut


The usual problem that a computer can have during a power outage is a burned power supply. But this can only happen if the power suddenly came back and the computer is still connected to the power outlet. If you are sure that the power supply is perfectly working then it is a different issue.

If you don’t hear any repeating beeps on your computer every time you start the CPU then there is probably something wrong with the connection of your hard drive. Disconnect the ribbon cable and the power supply cable from the hard drive. Make sure the CPU is not connected to the power outlet.

Connect the power supply cable to the hard drive. Next, plug the CPU to the AC outlet then turn on the CPU. Check if the hard drive vibrates or not. If it vibrates then there is no problem. But if it is dead, turn off the CPU then replace the power supply cable with the other cable.

Use all available power supply cable if the drive still doesn’t vibrate. If you have exhausted all cables and the hard drive is still dead then it is already dead. Just replace it with a new one. In case the hard drive vibrates, turn off the CPU then connect the ribbon cable to the hard drive.

Start the CPU again then check if the hard drive LED indicator in front of the CPU activates. If it doesn’t, try using a different ribbon cable if you have a spare. You can also test the ribbon cable on a different computer and see if it is working there.

If it is then your hard drive has a problem. Try connecting the hard drive to a working computer and check if the drive is accessible. If it is readable then copy all important files to the working computer then format the faulty hard drive.

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