Problem with BenQ LCD monitor

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I have a two years old BenQ FP767 LCD monitor that has been giving me grief  for the last few months. My issue is trying to get the damn thing to turn on. Pushing the power button results in the power/Status power blinking once every two seconds. Then screen remains black except when LED blinks, at which time front images of my desktop (my computer is, of course, on) briefly appear. So briefly in fact that you are not watching carefully you will easily miss them.

Sometimes the monitor will turn on with no problem. Other times no matter what I do I can't get it turn on properly. As the days carry on, the times when it "just  works" are increasingly few. It's gotten to the point where I don't turn my monitor off any more fearing that I won't be able to turn it back on. I need help.

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Problem with BenQ LCD monitor


First of all, I would look into the windows power management settings (visit the Home windows desktop computer, right-click and judge properties). When the cabling aren't attached, you could test replacing the wires and also bearing in mind in the event it serves. If not, you know the monitor is the problem. I'd most likely think about purchasing a new monitor – nowadays CRT monitors are so low-cost and getting left simply by the majority of distributors in which handful of may wish to trouble looking at anyway.

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Problem with BenQ LCD monitor


There are many possible reasons when your computer boots to black with blinking cursor. Please check below if you have tried the following, so you can be able to identify the root cause why you are experiencing this problem.

1. Incorrect shutdown of your PC.

2. Your computer did not wake up from sleep mode.

3. You installed a corrupt software.

4. Device such as USB is connected.

5. Faulty device connected to your computer such as CD/DVD drive.

6. Boot options have been modified.

7. A recent software, updates or driver installation.

8. Upgraded a hard drive.

Check if you have made recent changes in your computer. Insert your recovery disk and perform a repair. Or you can also press the F8 key after rebooting to repair your computer.

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