System Memory Upgrade: Should Brand, Size, and Speed Matters?

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I want to upgrade my current system's memory (2×2GB DDR3 1600RAM Sticks) by adding 4GB DDR3 stick or 4 GB DDR3 2000 stick, is that possible? Do I really need to match the size, speed, or brand with my current system? After I bought the memory sticks, do I need to pass through the bios before installing? Please guide me what will be the right thing to do. Thank you so much.

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System Memory Upgrade: Should Brand, Size, and Speed Matters?


Hello Orlando,


There's one thing you can't really mix in upgrading your system memory. You can't mix DDR with DDR2 or you can't either mix DDR2 to DDR3 because they will not fit in the same slot. Random access memory is very complicated. To be able to make it easier in upgrading your system, I suggest you to buy the exact model that it is in your computer.

To avoid complication, make sure that all the sticks have the same CAS timings, voltage and latency. Remember that your random access memory or RAM will run only at the speed of the lowest dimm. But one thing is for sure; You can  mix Corsair model DDR31600 with patriot model DDR31333.

Nowadays, system memories are cheap. So I suggest you to buy DIMM that is compatible with your computer system.



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