The system got switched off abruptly while watching movies

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I am using Dell Inspiron 1525 since couple of years and it is working perfectly. Recently, I have started facing some strange issue. When I am watching movies from YouTube or other websites, suddenly the system is getting power off automatically. It happened quite a few times by now and all the time it happened while watching the movies from YouTube or other websites. I have used avast antivirus several times and there is no virus in my system. What could be causing the issue? Please advice on how to identify the problem and rectify the same.

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The system got switched off abruptly while watching movies


When you are viewing video on Youtube, or on any website, even offline, the laptop's processor does all the working. You say that the laptop turn off every time you watch a video or a movie. 

If by any chance you are watching HD videos that have a resolution of over 720 pixels on Youtube or on the PC, then the problem is that the laptop's CPU is overheating. HD video require more processing power so that it can deliver a more crisper and clearer image experience. More processing power means more heat, and more heat is dangerous for your laptop and that is why it shuts down automatically.

When a processor or a component in the laptop is overheated, the fastest way (and safest) to cool it down is by turning off the laptop. This is automatically done by the temperature sensor on the motherboard of the laptop.

To ensure that this will never happen, you have two choices:

1. Stop watching HD videos on the internet on the laptop and leave them with the standard resolution of under 720 pixels.

2. Buy a cooling pad for your laptop that has more than 2 fans on it so that it will cover a bigger surface for ventilation.

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