SYS mark 2012 – Automatic retry in 112 seconds

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In my mail, I am getting an error message that says,

SYS mark 2012

OP_IE_06_OpenFile_InPrivate_Mail.exe/Create in Private Window (26080) Create in Private Window:

Error with _IE Link Click by Text ()

Automatic retry in 112 seconds

The screenshot of the error message is as shown below.

Any idea? Please help.

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SYS mark 2012 – Automatic retry in 112 seconds


Hello Maud,

I am providing two solutions for you, as below.

1) -r or –retries switches

SYSmark 2012 will attempt to retry a scenario five times, when configured on the command line with -r or –retries switches. By default it takes 120 seconds timeout between an error and scenario retry. You can change this value using -r or –retrywait. When retry threshold is over, and the scenario cannot completed, then workload manager will stop working and will prompt the error message.

2) Other method to control this type of error

BENCHMARK_TIMEOUT_MULT environment variable is used to control error handling timeouts. You can configure this variable to increase the amount of time a benchmark script waits before throwing an error and either attempting a retry or halting the run. The default value for environmental variable BENCHMARK_TIMEOUT_MULT is 1.0. By increasing the value to 2.0, it doubles the error handling timeout, 3.0 triples the timeout, and so on.


Taylor Joseph

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