Synchronize Contacts and Subset of my Contacts

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In using Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, can you tell me how to synchronize my contacts and the subset of my contacts? Thank you.

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Synchronize Contacts and Subset of my Contacts




The MS CRM uses two processes to manage replication of information between the central Microsoft Dynamics CRM database and the local data store on a computer running Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook with Offline Access / online Access

For outlook, the MS CRM online is an Add-In that is installed on the computer. This ADD_IN displays the MS Dynamics CRM Online areas as folders in the Outlook Navigation Pane.

This add-in makes all the MS Dynamics CRM Online functionality available, including setup and configuration features.

Steps required to install and configure are:

·         Download and install the ADDIN

·         access MS Dynamics CRM Online features, tools, and information:

·         Create new activities and records

·         Now Synchronize data using the toolbar

·         Afterward set personal options to allow Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to use MS Dynamics CRM Online for Outlook to send an e-mail message , using the option menu

·         Now track the contacts or use the Add Contacts Wizard.

Do refer:

Now import your contact data from other sources, such as Microsoft Office Outlook, into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by using a comma-separated values text file (.csv).

How to use the Add contact wizard refer:


The MS outlook and CRM can be sync in online/offline modes, however following needs to be considered before working on offline or online mode:

·         Offline Client Components: To provide this functionality, the offline client requires components in addition to those installed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook (the “online client”).

·         Installing the offline client also provides local instances of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform logic, a Web server, and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

·         The offline client can function in online mode, when the offline client is connected to the CRM server, or in offline mode, when the offline client is disconnected from the CRM server



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