Switch or Router to be use for Small Network

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I need to setup a small network with 25 computers. I am thinking if I should use a NETGEAR switch or a Linksys router. And also, I was asked by the user if it’s possible to block those people that will use the 25 machines from having access to their emails. What should I do and what software or hardware should I use?

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Switch or Router to be use for Small Network


For sure you will need to use a Linksys router to connect the 25 computers on the network. Some other important components that you will need to setup your small network include:

  • A switch
  • A patch panel.
  • Network cables/ Ethernet cables.
  • RJ45 connectors
  • A server

Once you have done that, you can contact an ISP and get your internet fixed, but that is after you have laid the network, and that will require the services of a network professional.

You can block the users from accessing their emails, but that will be so mean because you will have to block the users from accessing crucial sites like Google, yahoo and msn. Some software for blocking access to some internet sites is called sonicwall, you can use it.

Thompson Locker


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Switch or Router to be use for Small Network



Thanks for coming here to solve your problem. For a small network setup must you have to need some hardware. No need any extra software.
You may connect all 25 Pcs my Cable or Wireless. You have to decide first.
Then Use wireless Accesspoint/Switch for connecting 25 Pcs and Use a Mikrotik Router Board for control all everything. You can make a Hotspot or any kind of secure connection. You can make Firewall for many things. Like email, internet.
Please try then if you fill any problem, please inform and come back here for any problem solution.

Shammey Akter

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