Swap File Command Not Working

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I started the swap file command on my computer, in place from Drive C: to Drive B: my Drive B is CORSAIR GT120GB SSD.

After a reboot, the swap file did not work even if I have defined no swap file for C: using Exchange. Instead the swap file performed as expected and followed the standard procedure for the type of operation (E.g. Advance System Settings).

And also, Windows 64x-Bit has limitation to save the information from the registry.

Does the SSD have something to do with this?

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Swap File Command Not Working


Generally, swap file is automatically placed in Windows’ default system drive, which is drive C, after its installation.

This file serves as the extension of the computer’s physical RAM. If the computer’s physical RAM is almost used up, the rest of the data will go to the swap file and will hold the data just as if it was RAM.

To make your system more efficient, experts advise that the swap file should be physically separated from the system’s default drive.

The explanation is that, it decreases the data access because the data that are being accessed and the swap file simultaneously are being processed on the same drive.

Even if you move the swap file on another partition but still physically within the same hard drive, it’s just the same.

It still degrades the computer’s performance because data are still being accessed physically and simultaneously within the same disk.

The swap file should be moved in a separate hard drive to have an increase in data access.

Your idea of moving the swap file physically to another hard drive is good.

But I think Windows doesn’t accept your SSD (Solid-State Drive) for the swap file location.

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