Trouble setting up set up GQUSBPrgRe4.0.1.

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I am using Windows Vista 32 Bit on my Laptop.

Then I attempted to set up GQUSBPrgRe4.01 on my laptop but I found this error message


Error 1303. The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:Program FilesGQ USB Programmer. The installation cannot continue. Log on as an administrator or contact your system administrator.

I also have installed GQUSBPrgRe3.03, but it was unable to detect CQ-4X. When I start this program it displays this error message: 


Did not get response from programmer.

My system detects GQ-4X as "Pasco Xplorer Bootloader", however it doesn’t response. How can I be sure that it works with Windows Vista 32 Bit?

Also,I tried to set up Software Version 4.01 on a new laptop, but it was showing the same problem.

Can anyone suggest me what to do.


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Trouble setting up set up GQUSBPrgRe4.0.1.


Hi Lee,

Error 1303 is exactly what it tells you it is, You are simply running the installation with a user that don't have enough permissions to write to all folders on the machine. To solve this here is what you need to do in order:

1- you need to right click on the installation file and select Run as administrator which will run the installation with more privileges to write to all folders.

2- If this doesn't solve your problem then you need to go to start –> All programs –> Accessories –> right click the command prompt and choose Run as administrator –> no write the following command:

icacls "c:ProgramData" /T /C /grant administrators:F

Now exit and try to run the installation as an administrator again.

Hope this helps.

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