Suggestion on what to buy and where to buy PC

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Hello there!
I am interested to learn about Magic Micro Computers. I am considering assembling a computer and I’m in the process of researching for the ideal computer and for the places where I could find and buy it.
For the computer I will be assembling, I need to have applications relevant to engineering such as AutoCAD, MathCAD, and OrCAD.
As such, I want to build a computer that is personal but can perform optimum calculations. I don’t need much of high-definition graphics since I’m not into gaming anyway.
I was considering AMD 64 but I’m looking for other options.
I hope you can give me suggestions on what to buy and where.
I would appreciate your ideas.
Thank you very much!

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Suggestion on what to buy and where to buy PC



You are not so clear on what you actually want is it just the computer or including the operating system. You may consider buying it from many people talk well about them so it is a tested supplier of computer and it's parts. Also check with which also deals with computer parts. is another place to check for your computer parts with their large read section which comes in handy if you are new in computer assembling. also deals with computers and there parts.

Another company that is recommended world wide is the solid works they sell all the mechanical design automation (CAD).

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Suggestion on what to buy and where to buy PC


Hello Aeren,

The best computer models that you can choose to buy are HP and DELL. There computers are good, but ensure that you do not get a cloned computer which may appear to be either HP or DELL.

Some of the important specifications to put in mind when purchasing a computer include:

  • The RAM capacity: ensure that the computer you purchase has a RAM capacity of not less that 3GB for maximum performance speed.
  • The processor speed: It should be above 3GHz for good performance speeds.
  • The hard disk capacity: A hard disk of about 320 GB and above is good to enable you store the information that you have.
  • The CPU speed.
  • The amount of time it can keep charge when fully charged.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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