Del Key Quit Working On My Computer

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I have never seen anything like this but my Del key has stopped working. The strange part is I can do CTR ALT DEL but not just the DEL key. Has anyone every experienced anything like this before? I do not think it is the keyboard but software or a setting?

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Del Key Quit Working On My Computer


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The non-functioning delete key is an issue that one may randomly face. Most of the times, reason is either a minor physical damage due to misuse or over use or a change of computer settings which the user is unaware of.

Anyway, first of all, make sure if the “num lock” is turned off in your key board as it may also block the functionality of the delete key.

Turn on the on-screen key board and check whether its delete key is ok. (Also you can use the on-screen key board in the meantime of getting the problem solved.) If yes, click Start | Run (or press Win key+R). Then type OSK and press Enter.

If those work & still the keyboard delete key is not functioning, you most likely have a bad keyboard.


If you provide more information, I would be able to support you further.

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