Steps To Fix The Canon Camera Memory Card Error

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My canon camera is displaying memory card error. I don’t know how to fix it. Please help me fix the canon camera memory card error!

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Steps To Fix The Canon Camera Memory Card Error


Hey! Canon camera memory card error may be due to hardware or software issues. Err 02 is one of the common issues users face. If you are facing this error, all you have to do is remove the memory card from the camera and insert it back. Next, restart the camera. If it doesn’t work, you can format the memory card from the camera or by using a computer.

Err 03 is also a recurrent error among users which happens due to multiple files on the memory card. To remove this error, using the computer, delete unnecessary files and verify whether the card has a single root folder or not. If this doesn’t work, format the memory card and insert it back to the camera.

Another error that users usually face is Err 04. It happens when the storage of the memory card is full. A simple solution to this error is deleting undesired photos to make room in the memory card.

Err 10 arises when there is a software-related problem with the memory card. The only solution to this is ejected and reinsert memory card in the camera.

Err 99 is another error where the camera displays that shooting is not possible. Solutions to this error are to clean the shutter, eject, and reinsert memory card or try cleaning the lens. I tried covering all the common issues and I hope this helps!

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