Steps in Exporting and Publishing Works in Adobe InDesign CC

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Can you teach me how to export the projects in Adobe InDesign CC? What do you mean by EPUB? How to export content in EPUB? How can I export content to HTML source? How can I export to Adobe PDF? How can I export to JPEG format? What are the Adobe PDF options? The InDesign is used to create Ebooks? Can I embed animations in my projects? What are the core features that I can use to improve my works and what are the other things or options I can use for Adobe PDF? Thank you!

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Steps in Exporting and Publishing Works in Adobe InDesign CC



EPUB is a free and open e-book standard by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) in September 2007. All files are ending with an extension of .epub. EPUB is designed for resizable text and fixed layout. EPUB supports audio and video content.


Export the content of the project to Adobe PDF

1. Open Adobe InDesign.

2. Select and open project document to export to the PDF format.

3. Go to File->Export PDF • Window box will come with exporting options.

4. In the Export PDF preset dropdown selection box, select file size

• If the file size is small, it is easy to email or upload to the web or a network location.

• The high quality print setting will create a compatible PDF file, will result much larger file size. This is suitable for all versions.

• The high quality press setting increases the image quality, but it is not compatible to all versions.

5. Select pages to be exported or accept “All” under the pages section.

• If we are selecting “All”, it will export into multi-page PDF file.

• Repeat the printing process to export separate PDF file for each page by selecting single page at a time.

6. Click on the option “View PDF after Exporting” to view the PDF after exported. Also, we can click other options as desired. To upload the PDF online, check the “Include Hyperlinks” and “Optimize for Fast Web View”.

7. Click on the summary Section from the left side bar of the Export PDF window and review the selected options.

8. Click on the “Export PDF” button to export the PDF file from the window.

9. In the PDF viewer program exported PDF will open automatically.


Exporting to JPEG

1. Select an object on a page to export. If you want to export a page or spread, then make confirm that no object is selected.

2. Go to File->Export

• Export window will come.

3. Select the location where you want to save in the hard drive, type file name and select the format as JPEG. Click save button.

• JPEG box will come.

4. Select the Page option and enter the page number to export a page. Select selection option to export the selected object.

• Selection option will come only if a selection was made on step 1.

5. From the Image Quality and Format Method drop-down list select the image quality and format to export.

6. Click export button.

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