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What are some full-featured photo editing software being used in lieu of Photoshop? It would help if it has components/spin-offs/whatever you call them that can do vector graphics, page layout, etc.

I'm on a Windows Vista platform, by the way.

I'm having major problems with Adobe Creative Suite CS 3 after using it on my laptop for more than a year. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Professional, DreamWeaver, I use them all. And now the software is an expensive coaster. So if there's an alternative to Adobe that does everything, that would be a plus for me.

Adobe isn't supporting people with the problems I'm having, which happens with Creative Suite 3 AND 4, so there's no use upgrading. I'm disgusted with the whole lack of help AND the expense of Adobe, though I've used various Adobe software for over 10 years.

Thanks for your tips.

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Question about graphics photo editing software



It’s a good thing you have decided to move away from Adobe Creative suite and I welcome you to the world of open source software. Many people like you have initiated to look for better solutions other than Adobe and there are plenty to full fill your need.

I recommend Gimp as an alternative for photo shop which is available for windows platforms. Also Corel photo paint (not free) is a good replacement for it. Illustrator can be altered by Inkscape which have all the functionality of it including import and export SVG,PDF, Illustrator(.ai) and can handle common raster graphics formats(jpeg, png, gif,…).

Scribus is an excellent alternative for Indesign which is already used by lot of  professionals worldwide. It’s hard to find a one to one replacement for Acrobat Professional, but I suppose PDFCreator as a good solution.

When it comes to Dreamweaver Nvu and Kompozer are good HTML editor that offers clean source code from scratch. Please visit for more details.

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