Steps to consider to setup an advanced internet café

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What are the steps to follow in order to setup an internet café? What are the basic things apart from computers and network cables? What are the advanced requirements to meet in order to build or set up an ideal and advanced internet café? Ruby Gal is my name from South Africa. Thank you.

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Steps to consider to setup an advanced internet café


If you plan to create your own internet café, please don’t expect that this page will describe the entire procedure because that’s not possible. Before creating your internet café, obviously, you need to have knowledge about computers and how networking works because if you don’t, you’ll be calling for the technician as many times as the number of customers that will get in to your shop.

In creating an internet café, you need to plan how many computers you’ll going to put inside the room so you can also assess the number of hubs to be used or the number of ports a hub should have to connect your computers. Normally, a hub has 8 ports and there are also hubs that have 24 ports.

You also need to learn how to do cabling so you can connect your computers using the network cable. The network cable contains 8 small wires inside and all wires are color coded. When connecting the cable to the connector, the 8 pieces of small wires can be arranged in any sequence or in any order.

But when connecting the connectors on both ends, the sequence of the colors you made on the first end of the cable should be the same on the other end. Both ends of the cable should have the exact color arrangements. In case there is a misplaced color, you will have a defective cable.

You need to cut the other end of the cable and place a new connector and this time making sure that all colors matched the other side of the cable.

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