Steps on changing IP Address from Active to Inactive

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Anyone out there who can give me the steps on how to change the status of the IP address from Active to Inactive after the IPL is performed in iSeries? It is important for me to learn how to do this because of the incoming DRP testing activity that I will take. One of the parts of the activity is activating the DRP IP address, configuring a production for IP address that exists, and finally performing an IPL. This is base on my experience, when you performed IPL, any modification in the Production and DRIP IP address will not take effect. Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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Steps on changing IP Address from Active to Inactive


Hello Thomas Fox,

The first thing that I will need to know so as to help you solve that problem is the changes that you applied. One possible solution to that will be to review the AUTOSTART() parameter for the IP interface which looks as follows:

CHGTCPIFC INTNETADR(’nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn’)


You may also need to make changes and set it to be AUTOSTART(*NO) for the Prod IP interface and also set AUTOSTART(*YES) for the DRP IP interface. You may change the opposite changed as you may need it to appear when running the opposite procedure.

Another thing that you will need to know that for the it to behave differently after IPL, then will be required to make changes to the configuration.



Clair Charles


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