Steam servers too busy to handle request error

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I have an error with Counter-Strike when I want to play with Steam. After this error, and after I have waited for 10 minutes, my steam is still busy to handle my request. It worked fine until today, so is my first problem with it, I never heard about such an error. Please tell me what is with this error message ? Why appeared right now and can be solved ?

Thanks !

The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request. Please try again in a few minutes.


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Steam servers too busy to handle request error


This is obviously an error but you can’t do anything about it. The problem is not from your end but with the Steam servers. Maybe the time you played Counter-Strike via Steam there are also too many players online. This happens and is a very common problem especially to online games such as this one because the number of players is too high for the server to accommodate.

Usually, during this time, players that are currently playing experience extreme and random lag. This problem can’t be fixed until the number of players online goes down. If you are playing the game during peak hours like at night time, avoid playing it during these times. Although it’s more fun to play during night time because of the number of players online, it’s very hard to enter the server and your luck of getting through is only by chance if the number of players is really very high.

And normally, the servers that host Counter-Strike allow limited number of players to join. Most of the time only 32 players are allowed combination of the Counter-Terrorist and the Terrorist factions. I am a fan of Counter-Strike and I always play it though locally because poor connection always kills me.

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